Some music favorites

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Lucybell - Cuando respiro en tu boca Chile 1995

Celia Cruz - Carnaval

oxa anna - Le Stagioni Dei Disinganni
Aref Behtarin bahaneh
Hayedeh Zendeghi baraye zendehaast 80s
Foroughi/ramesh Niaz
homeyra in donya (Zaland 80s) ramesh chi misheh? ( chi mishod?) iran
homeyra deltanghi (70s shab-e tarik va man
Leila Forouhar - Mahe man
Hayedeh Narguese Shiraz (chekonam)
xavier cugat (francisco alves) brazil (aquarela do brasil) 1943
alcione non dija samba moureir 1975
astrud gilberto girl from ipanema 1975
beth carvalhao voe festejar 1978
buarque morricone lei sta, no lei sta ballando 1970
carlinhos brown + dj dero maria cairpinha 2005
clara nunes cinto cruzado 1982
djavan feat mariazinha nereci 1978
gonzaguinha o que e o que e 2006
jobim agua de beber (didabudem) 1964
jovelina perola negra sorriso aberto 1988
marcos valle samba de verao 1965
margareth menezes elegibo 1988
maria bethania ultimo desejo 1968
banda mel prefixo de verao 1990

La musica che gira in torno

Here is an article about my new song. La Music che Gira in TornoAnother article is this one in music place : Music Press - cinque cose An article on #traks #dariomargeli #cinquecose musictraks italy
MusicTraks Cinque
Una nuova rassegna x la mia canzone 5 Cose.. questa volta su MusicTraks magazine #traks #cinquecose #dariomargeli grazie Traks

Article on my new song on Oubliette Magazine and - New LYRIC VIDEO

Read Article on my new song on Oubliette Magazine: read it on oubliettemagazine Read Article on my new song on Webl0g Magazine: musica 20 GraGrazer Le Palme period track from Language__________________________ Italian Novità – NEW LYRIC VIDEO con la attrice Renata. stampa Testi di auto-aiuto, on-screen. Scrive! Blog it!

News on my new song on and Music Addiction Italia

There is news on my new song. There is news on my new song il sole e le palme on the magazine There is news on my new song il sole e le palme on the magazine Music Addiction Italia

il sole e le palme - song was released February 2014

My 7th single "il sole e le palme" was released February 12, 2014. The video for the song was premiered a day earlier by Vice Noisey Italy. The long link for that article is All the information about the release can be found on the press release page. Short link to itunes is There was an article on magazine. The long link for that article is The video is on youtube. The sleeve can be viewed here See here a promo picture. Streaming is on Soundcloud. Here is an article about my song on Sound Contest : Read it here: Sound ContestArticle in LINK: Trova la mia nueva canzone su My new song on undergroundzine webzine More information about this release here: Read the article an…

11 April 2013 Release of Salvarmi Da Questa Anarchia by Margeli

New single for Dario Margeli (P) & (c) 2013 Dario Margeli All Rights Reserved. Title: Salvarmi Da Questa Anarchia (Save me from this anarchy) Buy at iTunes For information contact Publishing Adm. SIAE ISWC T0429274032 ISRC USCGJ1331539 Website: Release Date: Monday April 11, 2013 Written by Dario Margeli (Music) & Alfredo Capuano (lyrics) Guitar played and Arranged by Alessandro Sulpizio Producer: Dario Margeli Barcode 887516933578 Connect with Dario Margeli on Facebook Links: youtube youtube soundcloud soundcloud itunes itunesActress: Lindsay Caroline Robba DOP: J.C. Sabán Director: Shustari Filmed in Gibraltar Soundcloud with slightly different mix and mastering: ArticlesREAD HERE: Also on El Rocco…

July 2, 2012 album Testa by Dario Margeli is released

July 2, 2012 album Testa by Dario Margeli is released This is his debut album. The album is available in Digital format, but also in limited physical format CD. The physical cd is a vinylCD (a cd that looks like a vinyl record) that comes in a 4 panel cardboard sleeve with a 4 page all color booklet with glossy lamination. Purchase the album at Bandcamp. If you are well off, select "Choose Your Own Price" and donate as much as you can towards this project. Press Release in Italian / Comunicato Stampa in this link: Comunicato Stampa A promo video has been made to announce the album release Articles in the Press:
clap bands trackback Lots of disappointments as some of the top Italian rock sites snob album's by non Universal-Warner, non-English artist like me. Sites like Sentire Ascoltare, Indie For Bunnies, Loud vision .. didn't reply to my email about reviewing "Testa"…