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March 2003 events

"I hit tommy in the head with a magazinewith shakila on the cover...he lets it go...and nooshin says: "Shakilaa raa did va vahshat kardeh"

"borow koss paareh kon"

"jeremy at monagravac, to a potentian customer: I want to hear you say: "I want to buy this", just say it and see how good it feels. Repeat after me: "I", "Want", to "buy" this

"Pooran jeld 45 vah cheh balaayee"

"from iranian movie: Vakil-e dom kolovt"

"about a person with beard: zir-e hameye un pashmaa yek soorat-e ghashanguee-ye"

"Denyse Le P*** writing me"

"az in taraf mikeshe / az un taraf mikeshe"

"about Navids house: "Un khooneh esme-toe raa faryaad mizaneh"

"playing Homeiraa hamzaboonam baash at MonaGraVaca"


"shaghayegh mesle khahar"

"madreseye mooshaa"

"got us passport"

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March 2003 Songs

On my CD player March 03

- homeira "hamzaboonam baash"
- nooshafarin "gol-e sorkh"
- valaa sobh-e rowshan
- jamiroquai "feels so good"
- mahasti rohani "yad e oo"
- pooran "vay cheh balaayee ey del"
- Maziar "khasteh 70s"
- homeira rohani "baaz shab oomad"-
lime "the party's over"
- parvaa "vaghti mibinamet"-
kazem al sahar "akrahoha"