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April 2003 events

"met hairy chest brit Ronnie"

"Bezan berim" movie with Aref and the song "Ghasre sada"with beach dance.

"Ramesh's CD got released and Shaghayegh gotme the CD for free and made me very happypromising to invite me to a video shoot of ramesh"

"There are these two white dogs in the neighborshouse and they stand together and whatchout from the window. Theyre so cute. Shamaizadehsaid: "Zan va shoharand".

"if you were here I would drill you right now"

ramesh and nasrin tape covers from Norge
godless leftiness

April 2003 songs

On my CD player April 03
- Hayedeh "Mehraboon-e man"
- maziar "kabutar"
- umberto tozzi "eva"
- aref "ghasre sadaf"