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March 2005 events

* I was fu**** by this hairy handsome guy called Pablo who said he was from Valencia or something..

* Un día fuí al Crusing y había un guardia ****** con camisa blanca y los pantalones suaves esos...era muy cariñoso y educado, se llama Bernabé y es originalmente de Cadiz. Luego me cogió de los brazos...Woooo!... y me enamoré enseguida y ** ** **** hasta el final "De rodillas"! Simplemente hay días, que hacen que la vida merezca la pena!

* I went to LA and fell asleep on the beach in Santa Monica. Went out to a bar in LA called Gold Coast it was very nice

* From Poverty to Passion

* bought aab zereshk in Q market and everyone was saying: cheh chizaaye khoshmazeii kharidi

* DC++

March 2005 songs

Viguen - Baazgasht-e dowbaareh (1998)Moogwai - Wishes and More (lp 2005)Mehrpooya - Ghabileye LeiliYaghmaiee - Eshgh-e iranAref - Vay VayManoochehr - Bargard bargardMansour - Azadi (2005)

Jalal Hemati ( EyeRan ) VS Zeki Muren ( Turkey )

Ok, well obviously Djalal Hemati doesnt have the significance or quality of Turkeys Zeki Muren. So I´ve put them face to face only because of their manerism's! Check out the lyrics for the Djalal song, its quite bold!

Country: Eyeran

Djalal Hemati

Click the blue link to Hear in Djalal Hemati singing a few seconds of Sahreh pol..yaaru vaisaadeh!
Country: Turkey

Zeki Müren's

Click the blue link to hear a short few seconds sample of Ah bu sarkilarin gozu kor olsun (few seconds radio quality) sung by Zeki Muren

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چهل وپنح دور
ايراني و جلد
منتشر در ايران
درقبل از

اگر اسكنر
نداريد با
دوربين عكس

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