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October 2005 songs

October 2005 arist - track
El Barrio - Angel de Amor
Dariush chakavak
Robbie Williams - Tripping
3. googoosh nejaatam bedeh
marc almond born to cry
Saman ghasam
jaguares fin
Saman (saamaan) didi goftam (bandari)

October 2005 events

* I went to cruising... As usual boring... however, all the free sandwiches I eat there make up for the cover charge! anyway they had a stripp show, and I had the silly idea of sitting at the very front. Well this big muscle guy comes out dressed as a cowboy, hat and all! and starts stripping. Well It turned out it was an interactive show! He puts the hat on me! Then drags me to the stage and instructs me on how to put my arms around him and touch him!! So funny!

I went with my laptop and sat in plaza mxxxx to get on the net prestado... anyway, I had to sit in that spot and this clown threw a show in the area right in front of me for over 500 people watching and clapping at him. It was so cool to be on the net and at the same time see the clown dressing up infront of me and him playing wih fire, etc..

* Por primera vez, me he vacunado contra el gripe

* Fui para una entrevista de trabajo a Pozuelo, solo se tarda 30 minutos en ir

* Estuve apuntado a un curso de comercio exterior. Un dia qu…