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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Anousheh went to Space and it doesn't make me happy.

 anousha bitch


When taking the subway (metro) to work, here in Spain, most of us spend our time reading the free newspapers that get distributed at the entrance of the metro station.

Today, inside the metro wagon, anywhere you would turn your head, you would see the face of Anusheh Ansari on the cover of these newspapers.

Attached is the cover of ADN newspaper ( . Apparently one of the guys flying with her is an american originally from Spain.

Articles, including ones in your publication, suggest that iranians should be so proud of Anousheh. They say that we shoud learn from her and see her as our guiding example.

Somehow seeing her face on the newpapers didn't make me that happy. Is she very different from the (eye)ranians driving around in black mercedes and bmw's? I mean she is going up there in a commercial flight, as if it was a Concord flight. Her true achievment is that she is rich!! Well yeah! I wanna learn from her too. Who doesnt want to be a rich bitch? I'm interested in knowing how she could afford to go to graduate school? How she had the business idea for the successful business she launched that made her all that money. How did she get funding, etc.

Yeah: I wanna learn!

And then, to think that 20 million dollars are going to Russia, just for spending some time up there freezing and looking at the pitch black view, sounds almost selfish! Imagine if she distributed the 20 million dollars among us poor people. That would have made a lot of people happy. Now that would be a true good example for the iranian people.

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Dario Margeli

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