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Monday, September 10, 2007


Additional I--"ran"-ian artists:

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travel stories

songs i listened to


life events memories



anglo artists

eyeranian record co's

italo disco & hinrg


45rpms & vinyl

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Future travel plans

Next Travel Departure

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feed page 1: youTube video widgets with thumbnail part 1

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feed page 5: youTube video widgets with thumbnail part 5

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feed page 7: youTube video widgets with thumbnail part 7

feed page 8: youTube video widgets with thumbnail part 8

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youtube widgets

qumuna ads for blogs

flash Badges

text to speech 2

text to speech 3

natural reader

tools for blogger blogspot techniques

blogger techdreams expandable posts

blogger customization 1 paginations

blogger bloggingtips

blogger tips customization icluding repositioning elements withing the posts and how to parse items to include in the template

scrapur blogger technics such as inserting fixed content

blogger tricks pagination footer, etc


badoo social

ebuddy social

customizing myspace

meipi neighbourhood map also


todo sobre mi barrio example of meipi

web archive web as it was before saved ( google )

italian techno blogs:


maestro alberto

down-load blog it


crea tuo motore di recerca


parse your code


spring widgets has RSS feed widgets for your site the one I used for youTube with thumbnails


feedburner to burn feeds useful for youTube rss feeds that are for combined terms like Fred+Ventura

social bookmarking



blogger digest blogger tips says how to add sharethis button


social bookmarks script

share this get button

blogger tips including adding social networking


The Standard news on high tech companies

moconews mobile industry bitchy reviews


image editor online

cassette models repository


technorati 2


blog of product

free sms

top 10 internet advertising websites interesting

online advertising used in spain b-b

serverboy widget gallery

simpsonite yourself

photocast example of page with videocast and photocast tiene photocast y video cast interesante

flickr can have photo feed

online linking infor from bbc

google reader


annonymous surfing

Italian artists

hit parade italia

giorgia fiorio

mietta myspace

meccano italia

patty pravo

mietta.html 3

mietta gita mek

alunni del sole italia

alunni 2 italia




music store in italy italia

italian cdbox it italia italy

italian different light store



f-arsi dictionary f-arsi

f-arsi to english dictionary


f-arsi dictionary

f-arsi dictionary

LINK to LINK you baby

alvaro track dariointrnet

Bill Santa Monica trackback

terminal-boredom 2 trackback

terminal-boredom trackback

Castro Bill l


March Almond trackback

yasdanpanah trackback

snap crack leand pops link back

jonos audio

jessekaminsky link back link back

forum viaggiatori


enchilame mex of digg

peyvand g.4 comments

ecodiario.eleconomista. g.4 comments g.4 comments

use this to link to your travel sites lonelyplanet forum g.4 commenting

like digg in italy g.4 commenting

joneame g.4 commenting

cnn money us edition only g. 4 commenting g. 4 commenting

gennio like digg in spain g.4 commenting

confidencial news g.4 commenting

economy articles spain g.4 commenting

viajeros g.4 commenting

donbaleh similar to balatarin

donbaleh 2 similar to balatarin

gizmovil g.4. comments trackback

blogfa g.4. comments but cuts URL if long trackback

digg 2


blogfa comment farhad trackback

blogfa videos trackback

techcrunch g.4 comments

crunch gear g.4 comments

lifehacker trackback comments try it

mashable trackback g4 comments

bent trackback g.4 comment

gadling trackback g.4 comment

andamos trackback g.4 comment

confidencial dep trackback
g.4 comment

marbella trackback g.4 comment

somos centro trackback g.4 comment

zamaaneh trackback g.4 comment

below iranian wiki

marefa g.4 comment
same thing diff name

mhtawa g.4 comment

homestudio espanyol trackback g.4 comment

ardeshir tv trackback g.4 comment

meneame 2 trackback g.4 comment

meneame related trackback g.4 comment

shangaylily trackback g.4 comment

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Dario's 2008 Travel Pics

funky p_ersian recordings from 1970s

A big F in Math for Zapatero Spain_His_Housing_Measures

legendary_female_songwriter Mari Trini passed

Nooshinfar photo of Soli

Pooran 33 RPM Album LP Ahang Rooz

Gastroscopy Experience

Jazz Music in_the_Middle_East_in_the_1960s

Nokia Cell_Mobile Software to extract_from NBU backup

Homeless in Los Angeles

Nokia n95 video darkness problem_ad_for_Samsung_8MP_Pixon


Rivista Italiana Ciao 2001 Marzo_1977_con_classifica_45giri

songwriter Parviz Maghsadi passed

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Spain Music Chart May 1977

Caspian Tape Simin Ghanem

Aguaviva rare b-side

Las Grecas story

Turkish group in dutch Charts

Mobile K850i vs Nokia

Dual 521 Plattenspieler

lasic eye surgery experience

Javanan Magazine

Record Stores of the world

Viguen 45rpm Khaab

Lista Ventas España Sept 69

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