Las Grecas - Ma Che Freddo Fa ( in Spagnolo Hace frío ya ) and the sad ending and biography

Las Grecas - Ma Che Freddo Fa ( in Spagnolo Hace frío ya ) and the sad ending and biography

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ANNO: 1978

Label : cbs

Hace frío ya
Format: vinile vinilo LP Casta Viva

Las Grecas were a Spanish female duo discovered by Paco de Lucia. They were instrumental in the creation of the Flamenco Rock music style.

Their debut album, from 1974, was called " gipsy rock ". It was the successful attempt of CBS Spain producer Jose Luis De Carlos to create flamenco influenced rock music. The result was an astonishing, powerful, psychedelic rockin' mix of anglo rock and gipsy flamenco roots. We are not talking here about acoustic spanish guitars, but rather rockin' Wah Wah fuzztone guitars and a blasting backing band with acid rock overtones. A loud drum set played by Antonio Pérez ( Nono el Zurdo) also formed part of the explosive mix.

Their 1973 single written by Felipe Campuzano called "Te estoy amando locamente" reached number one and stayed there for 5 weeks without any promotional effort by its record company.

Arrangers included Johnny Galvao and an army of electric guitar players. The main arranger was Pepe Nieto who was originally a member of Spain first big rock band, Los Pekenikes. Las Grecas were two sexy girls formed by Edelina Muñoz Barrull , better known as Tina and her sister. Tina had an amazing wild voice that sounded like a whip within the sound of the psychodelic guitars.

They released 4 albums: Gipsy Rock (74), Mucho Mas (75), Tercer Album (76), Casta Viva (78). The first two are the recommended ones.

The impact of the sound of Las Grecas was inmense, changing the music scene in Spain. They were definitly the key artists in converting flamenco influences into something cool that can be enjoyed by the wider public. Infact Las Grecas have become part of Spains popular culture. Whenever two girls at a party take on a stage, people say: "Here go Las Grecas".

Las Grecas story, however turned sour in 1979 and ended in an unbelievably ugly and unacceptable way. Given the importance and significance of Las Grecas in Spain's music it is unacceptable that the spanish record industry and its association SGA-E, who spend lots of money for lavish ceremonies to give out prizes to themselves, did nothing to stop the tragedy that unfolded.

In 1979 the duo could no logner go on because Tina was suffering from Mental Problems and was diagnosed with " paranoic schitzofrenia ". In 1983 while in a state of schitzofrenia, tina stuck a knife in her sisters arm and was taken to prison and then to several hospitals. Then as she had lost her money and couldn't work she became homeless sleeping on the street and wandering in the cold and rain for over a decade. Her children had to be given out to adoption. In one of the shelters where she stayed at she caught AIDS and died in an homeless shelter in 1995.

If you want to discover the music of Las Grecas, I recomend trying these songs: Orgullo , Yo No quiero Pensar, No NaNay, bella kali ,..Almost their entire discography was remastered in Miami and released on two CDs. Therefore I recommend buying them.

On this site I only place short incomplete samples of rarities. meaning material that is unavailable on CD. From las grecas, I had this song " Hace frío ya " which was included on their Casta Viva album, but never released on CD. It is not representative of Las Grecas music, therefore I have placed it here because its a rarity, not because it is representative.

To hear true Las Grecas music, try " Te estoy amando Locamente" and other tracks. As for " Hace Frío Ya " is a spanish language cover version of " Ma che freddo fa " originally by italian girly san remo singer NADA .

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