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Here is a comparison, mainly camera-wise between Sony Ericsson K850i mobile cell phone and Nokia N73 model

I did this comparison for myself, but I'll share it with you guys. I used to own a N73 but I wanted a higher quality camera so I tried the K850i since it was 5MP. Sony-Ericsson's k850i mobile is really beautiful and cool because of its black "touch" screen. You touch the screen to browse thru the menu's. It is also cool because it accepts 4GB memory cards. However, the k850i camera is not as good as I would want it. For starters the video is terrible, near useless.

Images are taken with both cameras at the same location and time

The first comparison is between daylight images. The K850i doesnt do well because the light from the sky runs into the buildings or trees and appears too bright. The edges are washed with light.

Nokia n73 got it right. The edges of the buildings are visible.

Night images in the K850i are more realistic, but unfortunatelly they are shakey.

Night images in the N73 are a bit too orange, but at least not shakey.

Video wise, the K850i is terrible, it is low quality video only and gives you no option to choose a higher grade.

video k850i 884k m p 4 format didnt permit higher resolution

Video with N73 is much better being able to get higher resolution. Still not as high as I would like, but definitly beats Sony Ericsson.

video N73 2Megabytes m p 4 format

So that was it. So you can make a better choice!!

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Anonymous said…
thanks dude........u have done a great job by comparing..u have solve my problem n73 is the best.sonyericsson fooling people my saying 5 mp its rellay 3.0 or less

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