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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kourosh Yaghmaei 1970's Discography كوروش يغمايى



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Artist:   Kourosh Yaghmaei كوروش يغمايى
Year: 1970's

 watch the video

List of Kourosh Yaghmaei comprehensive 1970s recordings

Ashiuney ( Rare ) آشیونه
Baroon Barooneh
baroon barooneh version 2 70s_Arayeshe Khorshid -
baroonaa (rare)
dar_entehaa(hakim khayam) _rare_
delam migireh dokhtar (rare_from_pars_video)
derakht (bahar)
Entezar like
esghe_iran (meraj haghighat)
Ghad Boland

( Audio Sample / Nemuneh audio )
ghazaal-taraneh tape
havar_havar alt_version from Arayeshe Khorshid -
Khake Vatan_like_piano
mastom- Arayeshe Khorshid -=- track
mosafer shahr (yek shabe garm o tabalood)
Niayesh-Old_Apadana in manam ensaan
Parandeye Mohajer
Payiz (autunno) 72
rah gom karde -- 1360yaghmaie_usef_
rayhan(discoversion)_alt_version_Arayeshe Khorshid
shahr cheshat (rare) شهر چشات
shekarahoo- Arayeshe Khorshid -=- track
shirin_joon_Balal balalom_great
tak_derakht_(bahar_hastegan) ( Rarity )
Tane Choubee_like (sagheh)
Tavalod e sedaa
toe_biaai_alt_version_Arayeshe Khorshid -=- 03_
Toloue - Yare_Shabhaye_tanhai_Akhtare Aseman (rare)
unknown_reagea-ish70s-Arayeshe Khorshid -
Zendegi_(saaye) emotional_ok
Saghe ** 3:25 (might be: Tan -e Choubi)
Shabe Yalda ** 4:44 (might have another name)

ghoozak paa vocals: foroughi version *** WANT

قوزک پا با فروغی

parandeh (not parandeye mohajer ) *** WANT

toe kojaaee *** WANT
high quality full version
Aber 3:59 *** WANT
Das 5:11 *** WANT
Dokhtare Delkhasteye Shahr 4:56
*** WANT High Quality NON video

If you have the songs marked with *** in full length and in high quality, email them to me.

[FARSI] Agar shomaa ahanghaii keh baa *** eshareh shodan dar liste baalaa raa daarid baa keifiat kheili khoob va kaamel, lotfan anhaa raa beh man email konid. Keifiat aghalan 96kbps STEREO.

Thank you:   Discography researched by Dario

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kourosh newstrackback

I'm interested in iraanian videos from the 1970 in Iraan, as well as vinyl records and audio from original tapes. Do you have songs like these that are not on cd? or do you have iraaanian 45rpms with sleeve?
If you do please contact me  

If you do not own a scanner, you can take a digital photograf of the jackets.

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