Kourosh Yaghmaei eye-ranian 45rpm Dar Entehaa



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email: dariointernet@gmail.com

Artist:   Kourosh Yaghmaee
Year: 1974 ( written on the tab for a change )

Song: A: Sarab-e Tow B: "Dar Enteha"
Format Single: Yes

Format LP:
Label: Ahang Rooz
Other info: "Dar Enteha" is a piece of ancient poetry by Hakim Omar Khaiam ( Khayam ).

 watch the video
 watch the video

audio sample (faghat nemooneh)

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Here is a LIST OF JACKETS / Sleeves I am looking for. If you have the jackets / sleeve images for them please contact me.

[FAaRSI] Dar in link mitoonid LIST-e jeldhaye safheh keh man donbaleshoon hastam va ehtiaaj daram raa bebinid. Agar aksaaye jeld in sahehaat raa daarid baa man tamaas begirid.

I'm interested in iraanian videos from the 1970 in Iraan, as well as vinyl records and audio from original tapes. Do you have songs like these that are not on cd? or do you have iraaanian 45rpms with sleeve?
If you do please contact me

If you do not own a scanner, you can take a digital photograf of the jackets.

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