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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I thought I had finally found the perfect Mobile, but then...

..but then, we find out that someone at product development in Nokia needs a brain check!!

I've gone thru many differnt mobile phone models. Its not like I'm one of these people that calls a lot. In fact my phone barely rings. But I like to take pictures and listen to music and one can do that with just one device these days. But each multimedia phone I would buy would have one problem or another. For example Nokia N73 I had bought, the camera was OK, but the mp3 player sounded low and cheap. Then I had the Ericson k850i that was very elegant, but the video quality was a joke.
So, I switched to Nokia N95. So which one should I buy? The Original one with the removable memory card (classic version) or the black 8GB version? The few reviews I had read, recommended the 8GB version. After all Nokia promoted it as an improvement to the previous year classic version. Unfortunatelly the reviews I read did not mention anything about the SHUTTER!!!!

In the image you see the lens part of the two versions. They are DIFFERENT! And not exactly an improvement!

On the older classic or removable memory version there's a proper, protective shutter over the lens of the camera. The shutter stops finger grease getting onto the glass cover and spoiling the next photo opportunity as well as protecting it from small scratches.

The N95 8GB , supposedly a version improvement, does not have a protective shutter, it was removed by Nokia because of it´s bigger battery. Instead of a shutter Nokia built in a plastic before the lens, which looks a little bit blue in light. This special plastic to protect the camera of deep scratches, but not of little scratches. After a few days in your pocket the N95 8GB will get these very little scratches. Then it also affects the picture quality because the extra plastic makes the light reflect more in the new version of the camera.

Here is an external link to a detailed article by a knowledgeable blogger on this issue.

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