What do youTube & Croatian Catamaran captains have in common? Unethical practices !!

What do youTube & Croatian Catamaran captains have in common? Unethical practices !!
I just came back from Croatia ( Hrvatska ). It was my second trip there. The first one was last year, but because I have a regular office job, I didnt have enough time to see many places so I completed the missing parts this year.

Namely this time I visited the islands of Korcula and Hvar. The journey started in Pescara where I took an expensive ferry to Stari Grad. Ferries like these are more expensive than airplains.

Both Hvar and Korcula are breathtakingly beautiful. In the future weeks I will post the pictures I took.

So anyway, I was having the time of my life and I was going to come back to Spain raving about Croatia, when some mother fucker boat captain had to fuck-up the last stretch of the trip.

These islands are poorly communicated as ferries and catamarans show-up only once a day. There are equally few buses for the same reason, because they have to get on the ferries to cross into mainland. I already knew all of these, so I had taken ALL the precautions beforehand. YET it looks like you cannot take enough precautions there. You need Plan A, Plan B and a Plan C if you are unlucky enough to have your destiny in the hands of some fucking idiot boat driver.

So anyway, I had gotten to the island of Korcula which is really beautiful. It's me in the picture in Korcula:

It was all blue, peaceful and beautiful.

Then at 4pm I was supposed to take a Catamaran called Nona (or Nonna ) from a company called G&V lines d o o. About 15 of us are standing in the east side of Korcula wondering why we dont see any boat comming. We had been told by the ticket selling store kaleta ( katela ) that the boat stops on the east side. So at 4:10pm we finally rush to the store asking where is the boat. The clerck calls the boat captain to find out that he simply had "felt" like stopping on the other side of the island instead and he doesnt "feel" like turning back!!!!! And here I am having to get to Dubrovik to catch my flight back to Spain that night and there is no other way to get out of the island but by TAXI.

The taxi bill was 160 Euros !!!!!!!

I am taking action against this. This wont remain this way, even if I have to go back there and personally throw the mother fucker off his boat. If you have been stranded in Croatia please report it. The representative of the croatian tourism in YOUR country can help you direct your complaints.

Which brings me to the topic of some OTHER crooks. Namely youTube. As you may remember recently a judge in the lawsuit case Viacom has against youTube, ordered youTube to turn in user behaviour logs. According to Viacom the logs will demonstrate that viewers prefer videos of TV programms and other clips that have been uploaded illegally without the permission of the program producer. Viacom is absolutely right. People prefer to watch the illegally uploaded clip of the Simpsons show or " Sex & the City " or another tv show before watching the boring fully legal clip of a youTube user talking to his camcorder in his bedroom about politics!!

To me it is obvious that youTube's real policy is to try get viewership based on copyright infringing content. They dont do anything about this content unless there are lawsuits or "extrmely" difficult to file legal complaints.

To prove my point, heres what happened to me with youTube.

I created a completely legal channel in youTube called Eurovacationexpert . The content of that channel is totally legal. They are some of my travel videos. I even kept the original open air background sound. No additional music or anything. By having the content be fully legal and me being the producer, I could file for youTube's PARTNER program which would allow me to place "google ADS" ( Adsense ) in my youTube channel. However, month after month youTube rejects my application saying, your videos are correct and legal BUT your level of viewership ( threshold ) ( threshhold) is not enough for the program. DUH!!! Well obviouslly!! How can I have the same viewership as an illegally uploaded clip of "Sex & The City " or "MTV music awards" feautering semi-naked ho's!!

It is amazing, we have reached an era were even the business plans of major industries includes trying to getaway with illegal activities.

So here is one of those completely legal travel videos I've placed on my low threshold Eurovacationexpert channel. Its the clip I took from the castle at the very top of the hill in Hvar island in Croatia. Click on the image to view the video:


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