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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Survived attempted robbery at my apartment

Survived a scary robbery attempt at my apartment.

Woow! I live on the top floor of an apartment building... think 6th or 7 th floor. It has this small window that gives to the roof. The roof as you see in the banner is not exactly a flat highway, but a typical angled spanish roof.

Well it seams like the economic crisis has arrived to Madrid too!. I was sound asleep and the windows shut since its cold and I've caught the flue. Then around 5 AM, something wakes me up. I see light... It was a flashlight. Where the bed is there is no light switch. So it took me like 10 seconds to put on the light. But in the meantime I saw that my window had been opened and a guy had half his body and head already in the apartment as he waved his arm with a flashlight. Very scary to see that latino face in the dark with the flashlight. It took him a while to stop until I hit him with a piece of long wood I use to close the curtains. If the guy had fallen into or was already inside the apartment it would have been extremely scary since there is no easy way out and god knows what his choices might have been then.

At first I thought it was one guy, but then now my conclusion is that these were professional robbers and they were more than one. Just 10 minutes after the police left I saw a guy, who I don't think was the same one that attempted to robb me, in the building adjacent to us, inspecting the rooftops from the windows of the apartment buildings stairway. I shouted: "hey what are you doing" and he kept on, but when he saw me picking up the mobile phone he ran away!!

And the spanish police are so pathetic. The thief was on the roof but the 5 cops that arrived were scared to go on the roof!! Can you believe. I told one of them, if you want I'll go in your place!

Man!! one is not safe even on the top floor of a building..

I'm nervous obviously until all security issues can be worked on.

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