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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Madrid: Concert Venue shut by right wing mayor & governor because of some brat rich yuppi kid

Madrid: Concert Venue shut by right wing mayor & governor because of some brat rich yuppi kid

I'm starting to really hate this city. The city already had a shortage of concert venues. This actually caused many artists to not play in Madrid.
Now on top of that the local government (Right wing PP) has shut one of the only remaining ones. La Riviera venue has been shut down. What is most annoying is what prompted this closure.

The closure of this venue and couple of others was prompted because some brat yuppi rich kid was killed at a completely unrelated venue frequented by other equally annoying brat rich kids.

It is very unfortunate that the boy got killed. After all he was very young. But he caused the incident by being abnoxious and drunk and thinking that he can get away with anything which is probably what he learned from having everything so easily thanks to his rich parents. Still I wish he was alive so he could have learned from his own mistake.

As you may know the right wing PP party of Spain is supported mainly by these types of "old money" rich families with brat shovenistic kids. What has disgusted most of us is to see how the usually slow local right wing government has acted so swiftly and agressively now that one of their rich brat kids was involved in an incident. I refuse to sanctify the boy, because he really caused that incident. The president of the local government even showed up at a candle light vigil for the boy. It sounds ok, but if it was anything less than some rich right wing families kid, you wouldn't see that old bitch of Aguirre showing up.

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