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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Travel Advisory: Greece / Athens Airport. Advertencia de Viajes : Grecia Aeropuerto de Atenas

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Travel Advisory Greece

Police Harrassment Athens Airport

Summary: [Espanol] Advertencia para viajeros que viajen atraves del aeropuerto de Atenas especialmente en vuelos de connexion donde no se sale del Avion.

I love the Greek islands. Been there 4 times already. This last time to Rhodes Island. Very beautiful. I remember sitting there looking at the ocean from the old town and telling myself that I don't want to leave. But what can one do? Gotto go back to work. So here I was on the filght back taking some good memories of Greece back to Spain with me when this fucking Greek bitch police woman fucked-it all up.

If you were born in a third world country but have a European passport, as it is my case, you may want to reconsider any flight transfers or travel through Greece.

I had been to Greece 3 times in the past without any problem. This was the fourth time, and I went to see the beautiful Island of Rhodes ( Rodos / Rodi ).

Here's my picture in Rhodes:

rodas grecia

On the way back I had an Aegean Airlines flight to Rome, but without telling you anything when they sell you the ticket, one finds out that the flight makes a stop in Athens ( Atena ). So it's first a local flight, locals exit in Athens, you stay on board, and then the flight continues to Rome.

During the stop in Athens I had to remain in the airplane. First a very stupid police woman comes to check the documents. Me being a European (EU) country citizen, I only have to show my EU ID card. That is the rule. Whell the bimbo looks at it, turns it around and see's I'm born in a third world country and then spends 20 minutes looking at the document. She leaves the plane and another police woman that was a fucking bitch comes in. She asks for my passport, which the rules say that I do not need to carry with me, as both my country of citizenship and Greece are part of EU. However, I had my EU passport with me, so I showed it to her. Then the bimbo says: Your passport is fake!!! Can you believe that? The bitch sticks her nail beneath the plastic that covers the photo page and ruins my European passport. Then she shouts at me, and treats me like a criminal. Then with the plane full of passangers, they force me to leave the airplane. I am taken in the back of a police car to the airport police station, rudly.

Finally, there they are able to check that the document was correct and I'm sent back to the plane.

So anyway, be very careful, particularly with these type of flights making connection stops, because they send bimbo police women inside, just because they look more like flight attendants, but they are stupider than hell and do not carry proper passport checking equipment on them, so they might make you leave the airplane like it happened to me.

En Español : Tratamiento inapropiado por parte de
la policia Griega.

Yo, tengo nacionalidad Española pero nací en un país del tercer mundo.

Era la cuarta vez que iva de vacaciones a Grecia.

Esta vez fui a Rodos ( Rodas ).

El vuelo de vuelta era de Aegean Airlines Rhodes to Rome via Athens.

El avion hizo una escala en Atenas y los pasajeros locales salieron
del avion mientras que losque seguiamos para Roma nos quedamos en el avion.

Al ser tanto España como Grecia paises del EU, yo estoy obligado a
solo llevar el DNI. Cosa que llevaba conmigo.Sin emabargo, una mujer policia entro en el avion para mirar los documentos.

A mi tras mirar el DNI y al girarlo y ver que habia nacido en un pais
del tercer mundo, me pidió el pasaporte.

Yo protesté que no es obligatorio llevar el pasaporte, pero ella dijo
que si me la pide ella se lo tengo que dar, cosa que hice.
Acto seguido, ella mete sus uñas entre la foto del pasaporte y el
plastico que la protege y obviamente el plastico se sale un poco. Y
aruyna mi passaporte. ( Mi pasaporte es viejo, es del 2000 y he
viajado mucho y obviamente esta arrugado)

Con el avion lleno... me grita, acusa de que el pasaporte es falso, me
hace recitar mi fecha de nacimiento y tengo que abandonar el avion
delante de todo el mundo.

Me llevan detras de un coche de policia hasta la comisaria del
aeropuerto. Alli, gracias a dios, vieron que todo era correcto y me
volvi al avion.

Señores, digan a esa mujer policia...
1. Que si quiere meter sus uñas en algun sitio... que lo meta en su Coño!
2. Que si quiere gritar, que grite a su puta MADRE!
3. Que se aprenda las leyes.


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