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World Homeless World Cup

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In this cold freezing weather we are having in Europe, it is seriously important to think about the homeless. There are way many out there. Way more than official data's go. People dismiss the issue saying.. ..Oh there are shelters, but believe me there are not, particularly where the homeless hang out, which is the center of town. For starters, nobody provides them free transportation to the outskirts, if the shelter is located away from the town center. In October 2005 I was unemployed and desperately looking for work on the internet. Right then, the lady I was renting a room from, decided to switch phone companies, leaving us without internet for a month, which is the ridiculous amount of time it takes in Spain for an operator to start someones internet service. So I had to go with my laptop to one centric plaza in Madrid under a government office to use the WIFI for my job search. There, after 9pm, over 200 homeless people would lay on the bare floor and sleep. I actually have a picture of it on this site. It was a heartbreaking scenary, as I was unemployed and wondering if I would end up joining them. It was freezing cold and the only help that I saw was a group showing up with sandwitches late at night. But there was no bus to a shelter or nothing of the sort.

Which brings me to World Homeless World Cup of Football ( Soccer) .

 World Homeless World Cup football

What a great idea is this tourament. Now this is interesting, and not all this sissy business of professional soccer in Europe.

Visit their website:

I realized that the animation for their promotion which you can see here is done by Tina Fleck .

Watch the animation below:

You know that I cannot control the Ads that appear on my site, as they are generated by Google's ad Sense ( Adsense). Some of them are really horrible, like religious ads or stuff that nobody is ever interested in.

So it was nice that for a change, since a month ago, these cute ads by Blinko are showing up on the seconday pages of this site. Blinko is some sort of social networking like Twitter but for mobile phones.


Once you click on the add, you will see a cute animation . It happens that designer Tina Fleck based in Graz Austria that did the World Homeless Wold Cup animation, also worked on designing Blinko. The cute animation you can see in the clip below apparently though is by Giles Littleford .

Here you can watch the animation for Blinko :

Somebody commented that the graphics for blinko are from Giles Littleford a creative from London.


Anonymous said…
these designs and graphics for blinko are from Giles Littleford, a creative from London :)
Anonymous said…
Good information , I'm going to be visiting San Francisco in the near future and this
is great info to have onhand. I'm glad I found this page today.

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