Bay Area past fotos + more Sylvester

Last night I saw the movie MILK so I became a bit nostalgic about the Bay Area where I spent many years of my life. Now with the shitty weather we have in Madrid, I miss California's sunshine more than ever. Though the reality is that the grass is always greener on the other side.

So anyway, in my nostalgic mode I went to recover some old photos from San Francisco. Unfortunately most of the pictures I took there were in the 90s and back then I used a normal camera that uses a negative and I also don't appear in the pics so they are annonymous. Its funny that despite all efforts to keep backups on hard drives and Cd's, how easitly the material gets lost. It took me hours to recover these fotos.

These ones are not that old, but at least I'm in them. It was towards the END of my US stay, right before leaving for good. They are all from January 2004, a very horrible time in my life.

 height street Ashbury

Above: Haight street in San Francisco

 early morining city hall frisco

Above: Early morning in front of the City Hall San Francisco

 santa cruz pier
Above: Santa Cruz Pier


Above: Highway 17 traffic nightmare as roads in the US are old, unattended and public money is not properly spent on infrastructure. This is the same freeway that becomes 880 with its narrow 4 lane-only bridges from the 1950s.

By the way, the movie sticks to the original events. The way it should be. In 1984 there was a documentary on Harvey Milk which won the Oscar on for the best documentary. Last night I discovered that there is a very short footage of Sylvester performing in the Castro Fare in it. The oversized lady in pink is Martha Wash. I've pulled that bit out, since most people would be unable to find it within that long doucmentary.


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