Travel Advisory: Palermo Attack -> Do Not Visit this city

Travel Advisory: Palermo Attack -> Do Not Visit this city

On January 30th I went to visit Palermo , Sicily , Italy. I had already been in Sicily previously, but this was my first visit to this particular town.

At 11pm I was walking up Via Roma, when two white Italian guys asked me if I had "fire" , to which I nicely repsonded: Non Fumo! I kept walking wondering ... how wierd. I'm insisting on the "white" italian, so that they don't go blaming "extracomunitari" again. Anyway, I kept walking wondering why these smokers don't carry a fucking lighter with them.

 palermo travel advisory

I turned on a tiny street called Via Divisi which goes to Via Maqueda where my hotel was. As soon as I entered the portal of the hotel. I was punched in the back of my head and then in the front of my face. My guess is that they punched me as hard as they could so that I would fall unconcious and then they could rob me. Which would have been horrible since I have no one to call if I'm left without cash. As I was falling on the floor from the second punch (the one on the face) I almost felt like I was loosing conciousness. However I've had too harsh of a life and that has made me hard skinned. Plus now I realize what is the use of my big eye-ranian nose. It works as a magnifisant defence bumper. Two italian guys couldn't with my eye-ranian nose. And to think that Franco Battiato's nose is from Sicily!! Maybe he needed a bumper nose too for self defence. I was able to shout "help" "help". Surprisingly when half uncouncious you can't remember second languages and I couldnt say "ayuto". Despite my
screams some "fucking" probably typically narcisist German tourists climbing the steps of the hostel did not bother to come down or to call the police and simply kept climbing the stairs. Unbelievable how there are people that won't follow a simple international protocol of help but then they pretend to care about the environment and social justice. Anyway, the two Sicialian attackers left running. One of them had a black Ski Giubotto that are fashionable these days in Italy. Though I think they are tacky as hell.

Anyway, do not visit Palermo. It is not safe. Its not very nice either, as the coastal section is completely misused and wasted.

The hotel, trying to save money had the heating system off, so it was cold. On the funny side, at least that night I slept warm, despite the lack of heating in the hotel.

The Giubotto of the guy was like this picture except one of those more cussiony ones and with long sleeve.

giubotto dolce & gabanna
Funnily enough Dolce & Gabbana are also from Sicily.

Thankfully once back home in Spain, I got it Dolce & Bannana from a sweet hairy polish tourist called Mikhael.

dolce & bannana

Great start of the year. No wonder I used to follow Polands soccer team with interest in the World Cups.


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