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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nokia n95 video darkness problem + Spotted ad for Samsung 8MP Mobile Camera

 Samsung M8800

Samsung 8MP Cam Mobile

+ Nokia n95 8GB Video Problem

Summary: Nokia n95 video darkness problem + Spotted ad for Samsung 8MP Mobile Camera

I was walking down the street in Madrid today when I saw this bus stop ad for Samsung Pixon 8MP camera mobile phone . My mouth kind of watered, since I have been eternally dissatisfied with the quality of the cameras that come with mobile phones.

 Samsung Pixon

Could this finally be the mobile phone with a proper camera on it? I guess I want more of a camera than a phone. Though judging by the tiny lens it doesn't look way promising.

So here are some reseaerch links to get started:

Samsung Pixon

Samsung Pixon Google Search

Samsung Pixon

Nokia has also jumped on the 8MegaPixel bandwagon with
Nokia N86 8MP

N 86 review at symbian freak


My dissatisfaction with mobile phone cameras goes way back. I've tried so many models by now. The latest one since last summer is the Nokia N95 8GB . I would have thought with 5 Mega Pixels it would make me satisfied. But I'm far from satisfied.

The dissatisfaction shows up each time I go on vacation and then realize how shitty the images and videos look once I come back. Last weekend I went to Ibiza. I always go away for a weekend in February somewhere so I can get distracted and forget my -sad- life for two days. Ibiza was nice, but in winter its empty and as cold as anywhere else. It is so small !! The old town inside the fort is pleasant, but don't expect to see many churches or anything like that.

Eivissa winter port

Above in Eivissa port where ferries that go to Formentera are docked.

Eivissa winter port

Above in the cute but very small town of Santa Eularia des Riu in Ibiza.

The Nokia N95 8gb takes OK - not great - pictures. It has some problem with issues of light contrast.


The real problem with N95 is it's video . The only time it can make a good video is in a fully sunshiny day. Otherwise, which is most of the time, the video appears dark . The camera has the capacity to make good videos. I know this because when I point it to the floor and then pull it back skywize, the lighting corrects itself for a few seconds. But then it goes back to almost full darkness.

This Video I took in Ibiza is an example of this darkness problem with the N95 8GB video recording. WATCH VIDEO:

I wonder if I update the Firmware it will help improve the camera recording quality.

Link to Nokia site for updating software

Now here is the freaky part. The firmware that has the video quality improvements is version 3 something. This according to the change logs of the firmware that secretly appear on the internet. I dont understand why Nokia doesnt provide a page with change history. If like me your phone is branded ( example Vodafone ) then when updating using Nokia's Software Updater it will only update you to Version 2 something, because the update is not available for the particular operator. Nokia Symbian 3rd edition software is only available for non branded phones.

So what must I do to get N95 firmware V31.0.015 or above? The answer is Debranding nokia n95 8gb as explained in the forum for

Here are additional information

Nokia official software update section

Which nokia firmware can be hacked

HelloOx method of hacking 1

HelloOx method of hacking 2

Nokia N95 8GB: v31.0.015 on symbianworld


How to change the product code of your cell phone

Summary of steps for debranding a phone:

1. Manually backup data, so when copying back there is no vodafone material or use only the Sync with outlook feature of the Nokia suite. Never use backup
2, Changed product code using NSS ( Nemesis Service Suite )to Euro-1
3, Used Nokia software updater to upgrade firmware of phone
4, Put product code back to normal

Maybe beforehand format the Hard drive, then for googlemaps go back to Nokia stie and redownload it

firmware update at sybianv3

codigo españa es so España es EURO1 (0534841)

Cómo actualizar un Nokia N95 de contrato

how do you change the product code using NSS?

nokia-n95-euro product code lists

How do you format the 8gb memory card again?

Hard reset with *#7370# default code 12345

Code to see what firmware you have
*#0000# on the main page without clicking send

Como forzar la instalacion del ultimo firmware Nokia N95 8GB v31.0.015

Como poner el software libre 2

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