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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can they figure out their business plan before starting, please!!??

Can they figure out their business plan before starting, please!!??

The days before youTube it was quite difficult to provide video on a site. If you hosted it yourself, it would use tons of bandwidth which meant having to pay ridiculous amounts for hosting. Something that didn't make sense for those of us who don't make money off our sites.

But problem remains with being unable to stream audio. There are services out there but they are not reliable. Trashy russian or chinese startup companies that come and go like the wind.

Six months ago I used to host the audio samples of this site on a service by a company that changed business plans. So I took on the trouble of searching and finding new hosts, which ended up being These russian assholes called toolwi. Since then I've uploaded about 30 sound samples, just to find out last week, that they have too changed business plans and that all the files I had uploaded are now deleted!!!.

 shit hole russian startup loosers

Please, Please adventerous, testosterone driven entrepreneurs, CHOOSE A BUSINESS PLAN AND STICK WITH IT!!!!!.

Have some mother fucking respect for us webmasters and bloggers. I have to go now and re-upload 30 files just because you guys were too horny to think thru your business plan well enough from the start.

And it's not just Russian startups. Even Google, does this cutting short their services: JUST LIKE THAT!!. They had a web page creation service two years ago. Some of use went and uploaded material there. Now two years after Google has decided to replace it for another site creation service with a different name, so all old links won't work. The funniest thing is that their new site service looks exactly the same as the deleted old one!!!! Psycho..

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