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Vimeo : Another Garbage Tech Firm that will go under soon !

Vimeo : Garbage video hosting
will go under soon

Summary: Do NOT use them.

I should make a section in my site presenting companies with no proper business plan. Or laughable companies that will go under soon.

The video hosting site VIMEO is one of those companies that will not last very long.

Apart from being desperate enough, because of lack of advertising, to be pushing their users to pay for premium services, Vimeo's staff are a bunch of rude idiots with little respect for site owners that gave them a chance by using their service instead of using youTube or another more established service.

On top of that they are mormon-wannabes advertising themselves as a more family oriented( which I guess really means Republican oriented) video hosting site.

As in many of these new ventures, if you decide to use them you are taking a big risk. They are small, new and poor. This means that they have not tested their platform throughally, they might go under, fuck up …

Mehrpooya ( Mehrpouya ) : Lili's Tribe 45

Artist: Mehrpooya or Mehrpouya or Mehr Pouya or Mehr Poya مهرپويا

Label: Ahang Rooz or ahangrooz آهنگ روز

Catalogue: SAREP - 1077

Songs: A: Lili's Tribe Ghabileh ye lili قبيله ليلي

b/w Instrumental version Dub

Year: 1974 Country: iRan ايران Format 45rpm

Arranger: ARMIK

Watch in video format by clicking on the banner bellow
فشار روي بننر زير براي ويدئو

Wah wah and Fuzz palooza

Thanks: Eo&Tk
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Mehr Pooya 70s hit The sky cries tonight
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Toro ( Castilla y Leon): My travel pictures

Toro in Castille & Leon
Dario's 2008 Travel Pics

Summary: Photos of this village in Spain Click here for the FULL ARTICLE

Real Estate in Spain : Stretching the word beautiful

Real Estate in Spain : Stretching the word beautiful

Look at this Real Estate ad for a tiny apartment in Madrid.

The ad starts this way: Preciosa buhardilla ... "preciosa" being the spanish word for beautiful.

Now, once you click on the picture it enlarges and this is what it looks enlarged:

If you notice anything beautiful about it, let me know, cause I don't see anything beautiful in there. Where is the window???!!!
And the price also stretches the word ridiculous.

Obviously the crisis has not gone far enough in Spain. Once they are forced to drop their prices a further 20% then maybe they will recover their sense of modesty a little bit.


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Mari Trini - A last goodbye

Mari Trini - A last goodbye
On the 30th of April 2009 there will be a mass at the cathedral in Murcia in memory for the great spanish artist Mari Trini .
It is a petty but in her own country they don't appreciate her enough. Even after the news of her death they still don't play her songs on the radio and non of her CD's re-entered the spanish top 50 CD sales chart.

Somebody -not me- on youTube created a video montage for her song Mira . Released in 1997 as part of her CD Alas de Crystal, it was never played on the radio in Spain. It is so hard to believe the amount of disrespect from Los 40 Principales and other stations in this country. They play whatever garbage by American and UK artists but won't play a masterpiece like this, just because it was performed by a non rock oriented local female artist in her 40s.
The song is overwhelming. It makes me cry. I don't know why. Maybe the chord changes, maybe the intervals between the musical notes.. Maybe because i…

O.M. Soundtrack 60s Film Looti - Pouran

O.M. Soundtrack 60s Film Looti - Pouran
Movie: Looti آهنگای فیلم لوطي

Artist Pooran پوران ‌

Song: Jam-e Sharabn جام Label: Olympic اليمپيك Year: 1969

Country: eyeRan Format: 45rpm 7inch


Uploaded by videoserverdario

تقاضا لطفا برایم یک
برای سایت بالاترین بفرستید

video montage of Nooshinfar photo of Soli سلی + rare audio

Nooshinfar photo of

Soli سلی

Summary: + rare song

ویدیو مونتاژ از یک عکس توسط سعیید نوشینفر از سلی‌ واثقی‌. همراه با یک آهنگ معروف و یکی‌ کم یاب به نام خجالت نداره.

Watch the video montage I made for this:

Uploaded by videoserverdario

Note: If you see a blank white space instead of an image above then you need the latest version of Adobe Flash & the latest update of FireFox or use Chrome browser. Also try going to the direct link of the video.
[FAAARSI][TAVAJOH]: Agar video raa nebinid va balaa faghat sefid mibinid, baayad az browser chrome estefadeh konid, yaa barnameye Flash raa paiin biarid.

Abjeez : Tu me haces falta + Azulejos Malasaña

[Video] Abjeez - Tu me haces falta + Azulejos Malasaña

Saquè esta foto con mi movil-camara supuestamente de 5Mega Pixels, Nokia N95 pero que ha salido una mierda. Es una tienda abandonada. Los azulejos eran de una sala de coplas flamencas. Luego parece que pusieron una peluquería canina. Proximamente será un puticlub o un McDonalds Ja Ja Ja..

There is a real estate crisis in Spain. Lots of people trying to sell or rent, but the prices have hardly dropped yet. They still ask ridiculous amounts. Though thankfully this time around people are saying no. Prices still need to drop a good 30%.

Which brings me to this beautiful video by Abjeez called:

"Tu me haces falta" :

Radio Farda interview with Googoosh & Dariush Regarding Parviz Maghsadi

Radio Farda interview with Googoosh & Dariush Regarding Parviz Maghsadi
In Case you missed it. Radio Farda has the interviews on their site. There is an audio version too, if you look at the top right corner of the page once you are in their site.

LINK to the interview:

My travel photos Desenzano del Garda Italy Italia

Desenzano Italia
Dario's 2008 Travel Pics

Summary: Photos Italy by Lake Garda Click here for the FULL ARTICLE

Oracle acquires Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems bought by Oracle


Wwwoooww!! Sun microsystems has been bought by Oracle the database software company.

Two of Sillicon Valeys historical companies are now one. Oracle’s database are used more on Solaris OS based Sun server machines anyway. Aparently Sun had been selling fewer servers lately. Because Sun owns MySQL database that now falls into Oracle's ownership. I hope Larry has no plans of milking money off MySQL to buy himself more little jets. Anyway, this all screws IBM quite a bit.

Mantras Festival Madrid 2009

Cartel / Poster
Mantras Festival Madrid



Hayedeh + Sattar - Anoushirvan Rohani Cassette

Anoushirvan Rohani Cassette
Hayedeh & Sattar

Summary: on piano


آنوشیروان روحانی‌


Pooran - 33 1/3 RPM Album LP Ahang Rooz - Behtarin ..

33 1/3 LP Ahang rooz

Summary: UPDATED

Artist: Pooran ( other spelling Pouran or Poran ) پوران

Title: Behtarin taraneh hayash ( The best of Pouran ) بهترین ترانهایش

Format: LP 33 1/3 RPM

Year: 1969

Label: Ahang Rooz آهنگ روز

Catalogue number: ARLP - 1019

Country: eyeRan ایران

Watch in video format - [FAAARSI] Beh Format-e Video bebinid:

por videoserverdario

Tracklist includes these rare songs:

Sahra Ghashangeh (vaseghi)

Ey khodaye mehraban (vaseghi)

bi navaye tavaam (dashti) (traditional arrangement: ma'roofi)

Thanks to: Eo.. from LA

Vafa - rare lost 70s track

آهنگ کم یاب از

Summary: ...

A sample - preview of a rare "lost" 70s track by Vafa وفا عباس وفایی called باور میکنی‌ " Bavar Mikoni "
Watch the video montage 0:55 ویدئو مونتاژ را ببینید فقط پنجاه ثانیه

Uploaded by videoserverdario

Gastroscopy Experience

Had a

Summary: ...

This morning I had a Gastroscopy performed on me. This is the medical procedure by which they stick an aparatus thru your mouth, down your throwt, in order to inspect your stomach and beyond. Yes it goes beyond the stomach because there is an organ called Duodenum after the stomach that it also inspects.

I knew it was not going to be pleasant. In fact you have to sign a letter consenting to the dangers which in extreme cases can include cardiac arrest.
So I was nervous.

On the good side, and in case any one of you is thinkig about going through this, I must say it was not as painful as I thought. This is because the apparatus they stick in you is a flexible tube, so it is not a hard piece of metal. I was also worried if I would be able to breath. And it turned out that breathing was not a big problem either.

You do feel like vomiting, though nothing vomits out because you have fasted the night before.

They also offer to sedate you …

Installing a single video codec manually - registry instructions XP

Installing a single
Codec manually in Win XP

Summary: registry instructions...

When I left my life in California behind to come to live in Europe, I could not bring most of my belongings, because I was poor and had no help and the cost of shipping overseas was beyond my budget. Among the belongings was my collection of VHS tapes that had a heavy weight. Many were very special to me including really rare eye-RAN-iaan rangarang and concert videos and also very dear to me clips from MTV Latino from the early 90s. In order to save as many as possible, while still in California, I rushed to FRY's electronics and bought a video capture card by some garbage CRAP Taiwanies company called AverMedia. This was in autum 2003. I curse that day!!! I should have known not to buy Chinese or Taiwani's products.

So, in the few days I had left in California before my flight to Europe, I rushed to transfer as many precious videos to digital format.You know, a VCD does not oc…

Afshin - Yad-e Eshgh Eyeranian 45rpm

artist: Afshin افشين مقدم

a: Yad e eshgh یاد عشق b: Dokhtara

1970 ?
Label: ?

Comment: Music: Hossein Ghassemi Lyrics:

Click below for Audio Sample (0:55) of a different song by Afshin, another rarity called "Sang Farshhaa":

Travel photos my trip Nantes - France Francia

Nantes France
Dario's 2008 Travel Pics

Summary: Photos Brittany Francia Click here for the FULL ARTICLE

Spain's legendary female songwriter and interpreter Mari Trini Passed away.

Legendary songwriter
Mari Trini passed away

Summary: Successful author and interpreter of socially conscious songs ... . Morte di Mari Trini

So much sad news coming from the world of songwriting. Just few days ago I wrote about another songwriter passing away. Today I was shocked to read that Mari Trini has died at the not so old age of 61.
She is one of the greatest songwriters Spain has had. This in Spain's male dominated market of the late 60's and 70's where the only other female singer songwriter was Maria Ostiz. Before her, women in music in Spain were good looking vocalist entertainers that did not have much creative value of their own. She recorded two records in France in the 60s initially. Mari Trini's 1970 LP "Amores" can be considered both in significance and sales as the spanish equivalent of Carole King's "Tapestry" LP. I really admired Mari Trini's songwriting. Many of them were social conscious songs lux…

Legendary songwriter Parviz Maghsadi passed away

Legendary songwriter
Parviz Maghsadi passed away

Summary: Playing some 45rpms on my turntable all written by him.

Legendary eye-ran!-ian songwriter Parviz Maghsadi پرویز مقصدی passed away March or April 2009 in the U.S.
He was the first modern pop music songwriter in that country, breaking into the market around 1964. Many of the biggest names in eye-ranian music owe the start of their career to him: Aref, Gougoush, Dariush .... This is because over there the songwriter was also the producer of the project, often paying with his own pocket the expenses of the release and distribution of the record.

In the video that accompanies this article, I play some of the music he wrote on my record player. Included in those that I play is his most famous composition and probably the most famous eyeranian pop song: Gol va Goldoon (Flower and Flowerpot) released in 1969 or 1970 featuring -later to become famous - Armik on guitar (the neuvo flamenco star).

Parviz Maghsadi wa…

Gougoush - LP 33 1/3 Volume 3 EyeRAN! + Turkish cover of Man-o-tow

Gougoush - LP 33 1/3 Volume 3 EyeRAN! + Turkish cover of Man-o-tow

Label: Ahang Rooz

Year: 1971

Note: There were 7 Ahang Rooz vinyl LP's in total.

And for audio surprize, a turkish cover version, performed by the sister of Ajda Pekkan, Semiramis Pekkan of Gougoush's 1973 hit "Man-o-tow". In turkish they translated it as "unuttu unuttu". Very poorly done compared to the original Varoojan arrangement.


Thanks : Eo / G