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Monday, April 13, 2009

Gastroscopy Experience

 gastroscopy gastroscopia

Had a


Summary: ...

This morning I had a Gastroscopy performed on me. This is the medical procedure by which they stick an aparatus thru your mouth, down your throwt, in order to inspect your stomach and beyond. Yes it goes beyond the stomach because there is an organ called Duodenum after the stomach that it also inspects.

I knew it was not going to be pleasant. In fact you have to sign a letter consenting to the dangers which in extreme cases can include cardiac arrest.
So I was nervous.

On the good side, and in case any one of you is thinkig about going through this, I must say it was not as painful as I thought. This is because the apparatus they stick in you is a flexible tube, so it is not a hard piece of metal. I was also worried if I would be able to breath. And it turned out that breathing was not a big problem either.

You do feel like vomiting, though nothing vomits out because you have fasted the night before.

They also offer to sedate you if you want, but they say its not necessary. I was not sedated and I'm glad I wasn't.

In my case they had to take a tissue sample for which they stuck a wire inside the tube. This was a bit nerve wrecking to watch. I wish I kept my eyes shut. In other words, it looks way worst than it feels. If you can get your brain off the idea that you have tubes and wires in you, you will be OK. Keep your eyes shut for better results. Ha! Ha Ha!!

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