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Installing a single

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When I left my life in California behind to come to live in Europe, I could not bring most of my belongings, because I was poor and had no help and the cost of shipping overseas was beyond my budget. Among the belongings was my collection of VHS tapes that had a heavy weight. Many were very special to me including really rare eye-RAN-iaan rangarang and concert videos and also very dear to me clips from MTV Latino from the early 90s. In order to save as many as possible, while still in California, I rushed to FRY's electronics and bought a video capture card by some garbage CRAP Taiwanies company called AverMedia. This was in autum 2003. I curse that day!!! I should have known not to buy Chinese or Taiwani's products.

So, in the few days I had left in California before my flight to Europe, I rushed to transfer as many precious videos to digital format.You know, a VCD does not occupy as much as a VHS and definitly does not weigh as much. Among the digitalized items em were rare concert videos by Mahasty , Haydeh , etc..

Recently I was trying to view the clips and realized that Windows Media Player wouldn't play it giving me codec error.

The codec used by AverMedia for the AverTV USB product prior to 2005 was a video codec called WJPG ... yes with a fucking W in front!! The W standing for another garbage Taiwanies company called Winbond .

Looking on the net I couldn't find the codec. They do list it but the links all lead to Aver's site.

At first their tech support didn't even know what WJPG was, then finally the very unhelpfull Product Manager at AVerMedia Information USA office, tells me:

Due to interlecutual property We dont offer a stand alone version of our Codec. Our codec is intergrated into our appliction and there is no way that we can provide you a source code, standalone, etc.

Oh really ?? . Then when you sell your shitty devices and cards you should put a big note on your boxes saying that you use a crap codec that no one else uses and that the CODEC will not be supported after two years. Somebody needs to report these assholes to the FDIC.

Anyway, with their tech suppost being of no help, I realized that one of my old laptops would play the videos fine therefore had the codec.

So I figured out what the .dll was for the WJPG codec. The only thing left was how to install the .dll in my newer laptops that run XP - SP2.

Here are the instructions on how to install a single codec using its .dll file on Windows XP :


First you must copy the .dll or .ax file in C:\WINDOWS\System32


you must go to the registry Start > Run > type: REGEDIT

Then go to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32

Note that it says Windows NT even though my system or yours might be XP - SP2. So yes, its Windows NT even for Windows XP.

Create an alphanumeric entry called: VIDC.WJPG or VICD. and the four digits of the codec you want to install.

Double click on it and enter for the value the name of the .dll, in my case: wb9967.dll


Also in registry go to:


There create a key (directory) called VICD.WJPG or VICD."the FourCC code of the codec you want to install"

Then once it has been created inside the directory create an alphanumeric value and call it Driver. Give it the value of the .dll or .ax file of the codec, in my case: wb9967.dll

Another alphanumeric key to create is Description with value Winbond JPEG[WJPG]

using programs like Avic AVI FourCC Changer v1.00 -
you can see the FourCC of the video file and see exactly how the name of the codec appears in the file. I've noticed for example that if it appears as wjpg it might not work but if you change it to WJPG then it works.

Important: This is a legit site. I do not provide files. Do not ask for files Thanks


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