Spain's legendary female songwriter and interpreter Mari Trini Passed away.

 mari trini fallece passed away

Legendary songwriter

Mari Trini passed away

Summary: Successful author and interpreter of socially conscious songs ... . Morte di Mari Trini

 ha muerto mari trini

So much sad news coming from the world of songwriting. Just few days ago I wrote about another songwriter passing away. Today I was shocked to read that Mari Trini has died at the not so old age of 61.
She is one of the greatest songwriters Spain has had. This in Spain's male dominated market of the late 60's and 70's where the only other female singer songwriter was Maria Ostiz. Before her, women in music in Spain were good looking vocalist entertainers that did not have much creative value of their own. She recorded two records in France in the 60s initially. Mari Trini's 1970 LP "Amores" can be considered both in significance and sales as the spanish equivalent of Carole King's "Tapestry" LP. I really admired Mari Trini's songwriting. Many of them were social conscious songs luxuriously arranged by Spain's super star arranger of italian origin Rafael Trabucchelli . Her best songs were never singles. She had hits up until 1986, the last one being "Quien Me Venderá?" (Who will sell me?), in which, she describes todays lenders and bankers as white colar thieves. Her last Lp with Hispavox was in 1987 and was a bit of a dissapointment and after that a certain radio station (los 40) stopped playing her. But she kept releasing. She had a really good album / CD in 1991 called Espejismos . Highly recommended particularly the song "la Verdad" .

Muestra INCOMPLETA audio - 0:40 Segundos -(preview only):

It is unclear around what date, but she had suffered from cancer and because of that she underwent kidney transfer and after that she felt very weak.

In 2001 she had a really cute double album with El Trio Los Panchos were the great songs of both hers and the mexican trio were performed in the Panchos Bolero style. It was a hit in Spain and latinamerica.

Apparently Mari Trini was a lesbian pretty much married to a woman called claudette though she kept that aspect very quiet and in interviews they ask her about men and she played along with those questions. This according to another spanish star called Massiel that spoke about it after her death.


Deutsche Single - Click on the Banner - Pincha sobre la foto.



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