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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vimeo : Another Garbage Tech Firm that will go under soon !


Vimeo : Garbage video hosting

will go under soon

Summary: Do NOT use them.

I should make a section in my site presenting companies with no proper business plan. Or laughable companies that will go under soon.

The video hosting site VIMEO is one of those companies that will not last very long.

Apart from being desperate enough, because of lack of advertising, to be pushing their users to pay for premium services, Vimeo's staff are a bunch of rude idiots with little respect for site owners that gave them a chance by using their service instead of using youTube or another more established service.

On top of that they are mormon-wannabes advertising themselves as a more family oriented( which I guess really means Republican oriented) video hosting site.

As in many of these new ventures, if you decide to use them you are taking a big risk. They are small, new and poor. This means that they have not tested their platform throughally, they might go under, fuck up or change their business plan. Messing up all the work of the webmasters that might have decided to user their services.

Here is what happened to me, and why you should STAY AWAY FROM THE ASSHOLES OF VIMEO : I had recently started using their service. The reason was that I didn't want my videos on youTube. This is because after analyzing people's behavior I realized that if you put a video on youTube people will watch it right there and they will not visit your site afterwards. And my main wish was that they watch the videos on the site. So I figured that I'll try Vimeo since nobody visits their portal anyway, so its perfect for my purposes. Only people from my site will see the videos as nobody visits Vimeo directly. Anyway, three days ago I noticed there was a problem with the videos I had uploaded. Their thumbnails had disappeared. I waited a day, because they are a new company and shit happens. But the problem remained, so then on the second day I went to their forum and there was a long list of people noting the problem and most all said the same: Why doesn't vimeo inform us when it expects the problem to be solved. Anyway three days went by and the problem remained. I went back to the forum and the developer had not even bothered to give an update on when he expects this to be solved. So I posted a message that was rather polite for the hassle they have created for me and asking them to at least update us. About an hour later they deleted my account. The reason they gave was a lie too, but its better to move on to a more reliable service now before I have too many videos with them.

Conclusion: Fuck You Vimeo you have no respect for webmasters that gave you a "chance". Every one use some other service


Dario Margeli

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