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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A big F in Math for Zapatero

zapatero idio

A Big F in Math

for Zapatero

Summary: May 12 Anti crisis measures announced by Spain's government

May 12th 2009 was the debate of the state of the nation in Spain.

At this point everyone knows exactly in what state the nation is: total dispare!!! with 4 million unemployed, twice the unemployment rate of any industrial nation, a ridiculous housing market with prices no one can afford, etc.. . This is the real snapshot of Spain.

During the debate ZP as he is called over here, announced his measures to pull Spain out of the crisis.

I read, and RE-READ the main measure several times to total and absolute disbelief.

The main measure is designed to encourage people to buy homes.

YOu tell me: What would encourage you to buy a home? .

Here I am, having worked since my sophomore year in college and now I am approaching midlife and I still don't own a home. What would encourage me to buy a home is having money in my pocket. A nice measure, would be if they reduced the 7% tax one has to pay for buying a home. Another nice measure would be if I could finance more than 95% of the price of the property, like one can do in most places around the world. Currently banks in Spain only finance 80%. Maybe the governement could patch the difference somehow!! Another measure would be if the government would sell homes at prices people could actually afford. Funnily the homes the government sponsors, called VPO, are MORE EXPENSIVE than those being sold in the open market, when in any other country, governement sponsored homes are usually 30 to 40% cheaper than open market properties. Another measure they could have done is to match first time home owners first year mortgage amounts or spare them from all income tax the first year.

But NOooooooo!!. Absolutely nothing like that. Zapatero's measure consists of the following: Instead of helping people to buy a home, he is going to further punish those who can buy a home. And he calls that a stimulus!!!!!!!!%%$$$$@@@

I am baffled!!! Did ZP go to college?? Does he know basic algebra??

Here's the measure. Currently there is a small amount which comes to about a maximum of just 1000Euros that we can deduct from our taxes for paying a mortgage on our main home. Well, get this, the guys DUMB idea is to PUNISH anyone buying a home after 2010 by excluding them from this benefit.

Ha ha !! So he thinks he can encourage the economy by CUTTING benefits !!!

And get this: Only those earning less than 17000 Euros a year will still be able to diduct that misserable amount from their taxes for paying a mortgage.

What kind of world does Zapatero live in ??!! NO ONE earning 17000 Euros a year in Spain in a major city can own a home unless they buy it with their spouse or couple !!!!!!!

Why does he have to think always as couples ?? Call me a hippy, but FUCK couples !!!! Viva trios, quatuors et l'amour libre!!!

Apart from the fact that the poor person earning 17000 is not being encouraged in anyway. He is just not being screwed as much as the guy earning 19000 who still cant buy a 200,000 Euro apartment, which is the typical price in Madrid and Barcelona. Now the guy earning 19000 Eruos a year, if he wishes to buy an apartment, realizes that it is going to cost him about $1000 more after 2010 !!!!

Is this encouragement? Off course NOT !!! Somebody get a chair and smack it on Zapatero's big DUMB HEAD !!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's easy. Change your mind and go the European way. Don't buy a house, just rent it unless you have a lot of money!

It's about time this change in Spain...

Dario Margeli

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