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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A real melody wins the Eurovision contest over a bunch of prostitutes

norway wins eurovision

A real melody wins the Eurovision

contest over a bunch of


Summary: 2009

Amazing how well the Eurovision contest has worked out this year.

I like to watch it because as opposed to the regular US/UK based music industry, Eurovision is at least a bit more democtratic and you get to realize other parts of Europe also exist.

Anyway, I don't even have a TV but the video stream from the official eurovision site worked perfectly.

I was watching and the main theme I was perceiving was that many countries had simply sent the sexiest girl they could find and that the songwriting was the part they dedicated the least interest in. These girls including the one from Spain and Turkey are little less than prostitures. If the songs were acceptable, I wouldn't say that, but if you are going to sing childish nursery rhymes half naked, then you are a prostitute!! The Spanish girl ended with hardly any votes. Pitty for her because actually she had a good album not so long ago in Spain. I don't understand how they sent her with such a horribly childish song!! It's like the song was the last thing they thought of!

Then suddenly comes the entry from NORWAY. I know zilch about Norway, don't know the singer, he is not cute to me. Even the polka rythm is not for me either. But holly cow!!! That chorus is a MONSTER!!. Hats off!! The song was absolutely brillant.

Before the voting started, while I had to watch the spaniard prostitute giving a sad spectacle to the stupedest song ever, I thought to myself: The Norwegian song was the best. I wonder if voting will be political, regional, patriotic or marketing influenced? . Could it be possible that the best song could win...?

Well... Eurovision magic happened: A real song won!! .

The Norwegians were double the points ahead right from the start. Not only did the song win, but it won by the biggest margin ever.

Bravo to the voters for voting for a real song!!

Norway won ! Alexander Rybak "Fairytale".


The show was great too, particularly when a japanese austonaut Koichi Wakata announced the start of the vote countdown from Space !!! There was also an amazing sky water show with Cirque de Soleil. Deutschland's votes were announced by Thomas Anders , one of the most beautiful voices ever.

Reuters - NY Times report

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The spanish one doesnt go semi-naked? In fact it covers all her arms and legs and just have a small opening on her back.

Dario Margeli

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