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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Edinburgh & Berlin : Quick trip impressions

Edinburgh & Berlin : Quick trip impressions

Came back from a quick trip of Edinburgh ( Scotland ) & Berlin.

Edinburgh was way nicer than the articles and the photos on the web had suggested.

The castle is actually not that interesting and the 13 pounds !!! one has to pay to get in is definitly NOT worth it.

But the city has no annyoing tall buildings or skyrisers and there are tons of historical buildings made of stone. They don't appear in tourist guides because they are not churches or cathedrals, but they make for a beautiful view and a great trip to the past. Many of the roads are made of old stone.

Definitly theyve done great planning for this city as you can see beautiful green hills surrounding the city, just like it should be without annoying new buildings.

The only annoying things: They are building a TRAM .. so 18th Century!! Then there is a very annyoing cold wind all the time hitting one's face! And finally but not least, as this sign says at the University dorm were I slept: NO BALL GAMES allowed .. Ha Ha ha...

Then it was onto BERLIN . I was not sure if I would want to visit this town, because according to the pictures I had seen all historical stuff had been bombed. But people insisted that it is interesting. I was also curious to see what sort of place it is for living, since I had read about their cheap rents and affordable apartments.

The town is really spread out and it takes a very long time to go anywhere. Walking around is tyering and not an option. Looks like some U.S town, say for example, Washington DC. Doesn't look European. Very few monuments or churches worth seeing.

I had heard there were cute little neighbourhoods, but I didnt see any. I was dissapointed in not seeing any neighbourhoods with "hand craft" "mom and pop" stores lined up along the streets as it had been suggested to me.

Also there was not as much "Ball Games" as they try to suggest. Of all the people I had contacted with, the only one I actually met turned out to be an american .!!

The Berlin guys appeared really frosty compared to people I had met in Munich. In one of the places in Berlin they pointed at my shoes and did not let me in!!!

And the weather as you imagine was coooooold. I had to wear all the tshirts I had taken for the trip one on top of the other to not freeze.

On the good side, these germans always invent some festival or another as an excuse for good food. Cheap easy and on the street. I ate so much...

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