funky persian recordings from the 1970's

funky persian 70s

funky persian recordings from the 1970's



لیست ترانهای ایرانی‌ از دههٔ هزار و سیصد و پنجاه

funky با سبک
فانک یا سیاه با نمونه صوتی

I have received over the years emails from non i-ranian music lovers and collectors in western countries asking me to provide them a list of persian funky music from the 70s.


When we say the word funk, please do not expect to hear James Brown translated to Farsi. Scrap out any images of Gap Band, Brass Constructon or the Fatback band.

I guess what these collectors reffer to is the cross of p*ersian 70's pop with splashes of elements of funk.

Funk based music did not do too well in iraanian music because it didn't fit well with the complex lyrics that artists wanted in their songs. Also it didnt mix well with melancholy wich is typically an important ingredient in persian culture.

Still we can dig and find persian music that had funky elements from the 70's. Here's a list of some of the funkier 4x4 ones:

- Leila Forouhar- "Shamim" (the original 70s version) ( Sample )

- Betti "badragheh"

- Mehrpouya "Ghabileye Leili"

- Dariush "sale 2000" (year 2000) (find the original version)

- Farzin "Pas chera man naraghsam" (Why shouldn't I dance?) ( Sample - Preview )

- Gougoush "talagh"

- Valaa "sobh roshan"

- Kourosh Yaghmaie - "Sarab-e tow"

- Mohammad Nouri bia baar safar

- Nooshafarin- "hich"

- Shahram ( Shabpareh) "gorg va barreh"

- Sima Bina - "Naze ( Soozan Del ) (Daii joonom)(va veila) Exact title unknown" Sample - Nemooneh 0:23

- Ramesh - "nagoo na" (Dont say no) ( Preview Sample )

- Nelli - ghadam ranjeh

- Soli "Negaar"

- Manouchehr - Daagh booseh (The warmth of a kiss)

- Zia - "helel Yas" ( Sample Preview )

- Parva - "Mooseme Gol"

Bellow Video : Mooseme Gol by Parva. The recording is from the 70s'. The master was lost. The playpack lipsincking was done in the 90s


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knowledge dropped, thanks for this info.

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