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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Instructions: How to find the source URL of a Flash file

Instructions: How to find the URL of a Flash file

 url of a flash file

When you right-click on a flash file as opposed to an image, the menu that gets displayed is a flash-specific menu that gives you no options regarding copying the URL address of the flash file. Many times, like in the case of flash google Ads, the source of the flash file cannot be found in the html source code of the page either as it is something that is generated and not hard coded. If you click on the flash it will take you to the landing page, but that doesn't give you the Url of the source of the flash file. But what can you do when you really want to save the actual flash file in the same way you would want to save an image to your computer.

To download or find the source URL of a flash file you need to use the FireFox browser. Then depending on your language go to the tools menu, then go to Plug-Ins or Ad-ons or Complementos. Now you need to search for a plug-in or extention called FIREBUG and install it.

From there on after restarting FirFox you can start firebug from the tools menu.

 downloading flash ad

Once Firebug is on, you need to click on the element you want to inspect, which in our case could be, for example, a Flash banner .

 downloading flash ad

From Firebug's page divider menu, select inspect element. This will cause Firebug to show in blue highlight the source url of the flash file. Obviously then once you have the URL you can do many things with it.

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