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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Larger than life, Gloria Trevi wins over the crowd in Madrid

Larger than life, Gloria Trevi wins over the crowd in Madrid

gloria trevi en madrid julio 2009

There are definitly artists that are larger than life and out of this planet. Mexico's Gloria Trevi is one of them. She won me over when in the early 90's I saw a clip of a live performance of her at Chile's Viña del Mar festival where she would cry and scream on stage.

Last night she performed in Madrid, and her mini-performance was so powerful that she made me feel suddenly alive again. The place was packed and people went absolutely crazy for her. Even those who didn't know who she was quickly realized that she's not an ordinary artist from the pack but a mega semi-god superstar.


And look, I've seen many artists on stage, including Michael Jackson who I saw in 1988 during his BAD tour. The concert was at the Vicente Calderon Football stadium. Michael was distant and was not able to establish any connection with the audience. Everything was pre recorded and as soon as he could he fled off the stage without an encore to get into his oxygen tent.

Heres a Clip from Gloria Trevi's appearance in Madrid July 2009

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures courtesy of the crappy expensive Nokia N95 mobile phone camera. Nokia Siemens who has no shame in profiting from selling spying and evesdropping equipment to the murderous ayatollah's regime in order to facilitate the murder of many innocent people.


the ball of white light is Gloria Trevi

Now, back to Michael Jackson death subject matter, Micheal's death inadvertently ended up helping the murderous ayatollahs as it distracted international attention from the crimes they were committing against the Green protests going on in I-ran.

Regarding Michael Jackson's music, I liked his late 70's and early 80s period, starting from The Jacksons "Destiny" Lp in 1979 featuring the funky "Shake your Body down to the ground". I loved all those Rod Temperton songs of that period, like Rock with you. By the way, Rod Temperton was a white British mucician!! I loved The Jacksons 1981 Triumph album featuring Can you feel it. "Billie Jean" was also out of this world and amazing. And that was the end of it. After that period I couldn't stand Michael Jackson. I wouldn't touch him with a stick. But his death is shocking since he was a big name during my teenage years. His death reminds us of our own mortality. Suddenly instead of hearing about very old people dying, you hear of someone famous during your own generation dying. That is shocking.

Italians Paola e Chiara also performed in Madrid that same day as Gloria Trevi and in comparison they looked so pale and weak. They looked like amateurs compared to a big star like Trevi. Its obvious how powerful italian designer techniques are because in person Paola e Chiara looked quite trashy and nothing as interesting as their carefully desinged record jackets suggest. Very weak. Though one of them did a very cute acapella tribute to Michael Jackson.

The big dissapointment was that puerto rican superstar Olga Tañon did not show up!!! I understand she is a huge star and she should'nt be performing on the same stage as a bunch of whores , transvesties and semi amateur artists like Paola e Chiara. But they should have not listed her in the program if they are not sure she will appear because I lost two hours waiting there to see if miss Merengue would appear.

مرگ مایکل جکسون به کمک مولا ها رسید

خیلی‌ متاسف هستم که این مبارزات سبز به این زودی به سکوت رسیدند. یعنی‌ میخواهید بذارید که آخوندها بزنند رو سرتون تا ۳۰ سال دیگر

Are you people just gonna take it?????


Custom t-shirts said...

I really enjoy your writing but can see the pictures clearly.. Plz publish them again.

Admin said...

Unfortunatelly the plaza was packed and I was not close enough to the stage to take clear pictures and my camera is not that great. So unfortunatelly Ms. Trevi appears as a flash of light in all the pictures because of the heavy lighting. You can see her better in the video towards the end of it. She's wearing very long late 60's type boots.

Dario Margeli

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