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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Polski Travel Experience

The Polski Experience

poland poznan visit

I finally visited Poland. Very quick weekend trip. It wasn't that easy to get there because even though there are some low cost airlines flying there from Spain, they usually fly during week-days only. So I couldn't use them on the weekend. So eventually I had to go via Bergamo and on the way back via London, with the anoying detail of having to pass airport security 4 times!!!

dario in Poland poznan

I think Polish people are very goodlooking, so I had to go checkout where they come from!! They are friendlier than, lets say, Spaniards and less snobby than the Berliners, but expect some language barrier. They are likely to speak Deutsche, but no English. I visited Krakow ( Crack - Hoe !! ) and then a long train ride to Poznan .


Surprisingly I liked Poznan much better than cracow.

Poland is not expensive. Even compared to other ex-eastern countries like Hungary. But the fact that they have their own money makes you loose money at the end. For example, I just noticed after coming back that I still had a Slutty bill (or whatever their currency is called) in my bag which I forgot to convert back to Euros.

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