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Monday, November 09, 2009

Why Did God Create Badajoz? O Purre La Versione Spagnola di Perche Dio Ha Fatto La Calabria?

Why Did God Create Badajoz? O Purre La Versione Spagnola di Perche Dio Ha Fatto La Calabria?

Probably due to state propaganda during Franco's era, many Spaniards imagine Portugal as similar to Spain, just a bit poorer.

I was not there in the 70's to testify to it, but if true, they sure have caught up really fast and are much better than Spain in many ways. For example their unemployment rate is much lower than Spain. It is also interesting to see how some of the former Eastern Block countries have quickly improved in these years and again many of them surpassing Spain. This is the example of Slovenia. I met a guy from there and afterwards in half embarasment I went rushing to Wikipedia to read about the country I knew zip about. Well their GDP is waaay better than the one for Spain. This story all because I was in Evora Portugal and all was neat and the City was beautiful and tastefully maintained. Then 2 hours later I arrived to Badajoz Spain. Sorry, but what a dumpster of a town.
Two beautiful bridges and then the rest of the town are just ugly apartment buildings. Nothings left of the Alcazaba. It left me a very poor impression after coming from Evora which impressed me quite a lot. In Badajoz, I went to visit the town but because their bus station is located long ways away from the city center I arrived to the bus station at 4:05 to find out there are NO buses or trains after 4pm sharp to Madrid. What sort of third world country is this that a major town has no buses or train to it's capital city after 4pm?

porque badajoz

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