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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two stitches in one of my eyelids without Anesthesia thanx to Greedy Health Insurance

Two stitches in one of my eyelids without Anesthesia thanx to Greedy Health Insurance

Five months ago I had a Stye (in spanish they call them Chalazion or Orzuelo) in one of my eyelids. For five months I went from one inept doctor to another telling me to apply useless lotions for a month each making the problem worse. One of these doctors even suggested a semi Voodoo solution that made the thing get infected. So eventually one day it looked so bad I had to go to Spains truely fantastic health emergency service, where they told me when the bump gets that big, there is no point putting lotions, you have to get it operated. But then when I went to make an appointment I was given a date two months from now !!

So I decided to go thru Private Insurance provided by my employer.

For the operation I went to a wonderful private clinic which I'll write about later. Their billing department called my insurance to find out that they will not pay for anesthesia. I thought to myself, oh this is probably some silly operation where they simply pinch the bump and I probably wont need anesthesia anyway.

stich in eyelid

Thank goodness I was willing to pay the 80Euros of the Aneshesia out of my pocket because the operation required two stiches in my eyelid . I was joking with the people at the clinic about this. How on earth does the Health Insurance assume that someone can get two stiches in the eyelid without anesthesia??. Yes, so finally I did do it WITH anesthesia and gladly paid the 80Euro out of my pocket.

The nice clinic which I recommend for anything related to eye surgery in Madrid is Realvisión

eye surgery center

The Real Vision clinic really know their stuff and they work fast. While all other doctors had waisted my time with useless lotions and creams that made the problem worst, in Real Vision, they knew right away that it had to be taken out via surgery. I went there actually because I had been their once before when I had doubts about a second corrective lasik operation on my left eye which some inept other clinic had screwed up on!!!. Anyway, regarding the lasik second operation advice I had gone from one doctor to another for advice and non of them could explain the criteria to me. I should know by my profesion how PHD's do not translate into presentation or communication skills!!. But finally I got to Real vision and their expert explained the criteria for reoperation with a very clear easy analogy. So anyway, I totally recomment Real Vision (or is it RealVision ?)

Here is the web site of this clinic which I highly recommend REALVISION CLINIC in Madrid


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