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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dogs in Malasanya Part 1 Mr Matinez seeks a girlfriend

Dogs in Malasanya Part 1 Mr Matinez seeks a girlfriend

pedigri perrito

His name is Mr. Martinez and he is looking for a girlfriend:

pedigri perrito

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But there are way more dogs in my neighborhood of Malasanya. Like this hairy girl dog. She is hilarious. Acts like a vacoum cleaner and bites peoples legs gently while she grumples. In the next picture you can see how excited she gets when she sees other hairy creatures. She likes to jump on her other friends which get a bit frightened by her size.

little dog

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When they have had a haircut it is hard to recognize them. Is that the same dog as that hairy one that used to stroll down the road?

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There is also a pet store and the storefront has all sorts of adds posted which makes it fun to stand there and read.

End. Watch for part 2 soon.


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