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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strings Patch Drove Me Crazy !!!!

Strings Patch Drove Me Crazy !!!!

Strings Patch Drove Me Crazy !!!!

Another 2 or 3 hours were spent today in order to achieve only 3 seconds of musical arrangements.

This time it was because a "Strings" patch - sound font - gave me a nasty surprise. I loaded it into Pro Tools and started playing what would be the string arrangement that introduces the chorus. Anyway, I know the chords of the song and have them written down. I was sure that the final chord before the chorus was a "G" major. But after loading the "String Patch", I would click the "G" key on the keyboard, but it would not match the rest of the recorded music. I told myself, maybe I wrote the chords down wrong or something!! But after some tests it became clear that the patch was not right. Then I thought maybe I had unexpectedly pressed some button that lifts the sound by 1 note or changes the pitch by one note... But even after resetting the patch was still playing an A note instead of a G. !!! Bizzare. The rest of the patches were OK. Couldn't figure out why. But at least I figured out what was going on.

So that was another day in the recording of آتیش بزنش (Bailatela) - romanization: Atish Bezanesh - , to be ready in November 2010.

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Dario Margeli

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