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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update 6 on Atish Bezanesh Recording. Two hours work for a 3 seconds arrangement. Plus Saw Lead Synth Sound Brings Memories

Update 6 on Atish Bezanesh recording. Two hours work for a 3 seconds arrangement. Plus Saw Lead Synth Sound Brings Back Memories

Today it took me 2 hours to create a small guitar/keyboard arrangement that only lasts 3 seconds. However, it sounds super cool.

It is part of my work on my first Farsi song and recording called آتیش بزنش (Bailatela) - romanization: Atish Bezanesh - .

When originally I made my planning, I had optimistically thought that the keyboard arrangements would take me only a week, part-time, to write and record.

However, now it is clear that this takes way longer. I was so naive to think that I would just switch the keyboard and start playing. I forgot that one has to select sounds carefully and then even modify these sounds to make them appropriate for the recording.

Talking about synth sounds, while searching for sounds I stumbled upon the Nice Saw Lead sound which is sort of like the moog sound. I used it for the entire bridge section of the song!!!!!. Hearing that sound brought me back so many memories. See, ever since broadband brought music to the internet, I stopped listening to anglo saxon music. So imagine the amount of years since I heard this synth sound I associate with brit funk bands I used to like when I was a kid like Shakatak, Level 42 or Paul Hardcastle. But this synth sound mainly reminded me of one of my musical heroes: James Tip Wirrick . I remember he used this sound in Sylvester's classic All I Need LP. One of my favorite recordings of all time.

So here I am getting transported to 1982 thanks to a sound font !!!! !!!!!

My song and recording Atish Bezanesh will be delayed because the production is taking longer than originally thought. On the good side, this is because it is starting to sound amazing . I'll take the extra time and steps needed to make it perfect. I'm thinking about outsourcing to an established producer work on the 4 vocal tracks of the recording. Experienced producers pass vocals through different types of vocoder and filters and do penning on the tracks. They also do fades and echoes on the vocals and leveling. I have no idea of any of these processes and it would take me months to learn them. So maybe I'll outsource all that and also the mixing which is complicated with so many tracks. I've already found someone that does mastering via the internet. You send him your material and pay him and he masters your track in the US and sends it back. He has before and after mastering samples on his site!!!

So here I'm going to brainstorm a quick new schedule for the release of Atish Bezanesh:

- Writing Keyboard lines for chorus ( Aug 29).

- Stylizing the intro of the song (Aug 30)

- Replacing sound font of some of the existing keyboard lines. Writing mini passage before guitar solo (Aug 31)

- Vocal tracks reassessment and cutting . Re-record vocals on chorus(Sept 7)

- Vocals issues (sept 10)

- Attempt at consolidating track (Sept 13)

- Looping (Sept 15)

- Rough Mix the recording. September 17

- Possible outsource of Vocal tracks and mixing (Week of September 20)

- Research for video shoot (Week of September 27)

- video recording week of October 4

- video editing week of October 11

- video / audio distribution and promotion research. week of October 18

- library of congress. Graphics Work. week of October 25

- Distribution. Week of November 1, 2010

Previous updates can be read in the links below: :

The song and its video are expected to be ready November 2010.

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