Dario is in CHANIA - Kriti. No Samaria Gorge After all.

Dario is in CHANIA - Kriti. No Samaria Gorge After all.

Well, I arrived to CHANIA in Crete this morning. There are too few flights directly to Chania, so my flight was to Heraklion and then I had to take a 3 hour boring bus to Chania (pronounced Hania ). Chania is nice, there is a long walking area or promenade by the sea and it has old buildings and structures.
I was also going to visit the Samaria Gorge, which was one of the attractions that brought me here in the first place. But I've decided against it, because all the tours of it are exactly the same, consisting of a full day, which includes a 7 hour walk through the gorge. That is not lady-like. I can do 3 hours walk but 7 hours under the summer sun and with a tight time schedule is not for me. There is no shorter tour because it is a protected national park and there are no roads.

Below I leave you some pictures I took this morning in Chania. It is hard to take pictures because there are so many overweight German women trying to take pictures that it is unlikely they will give you a break.

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