Lucybell in Madrid Spain España photo and video Worlds best power pop band

Lucybell in Madrid Spain España photo and video Worlds best power pop band

I just got back from seeing Lucybell , probably the worlds best power rock band. It was funny to see their larger than life power drummer smacking the drums on a shaky 3 square meter stage. Amazing.

It is amazing how just three musicians can sound so complete. Claudio Valenzuela has a great ability to change vocal ranges quickly while drummer Cote Foncea is simply a non stop animal on stage. Their songs have been arranged in a way that portrays intimacy even when a massive dose of fuzzed guitars and hard drums start poring in the recording. Lyric wise, they talk about aspects that go way further than the typical rhetoric of rock music. No I love you , I hate you songs. Or come and go songs. Instead lyrics that talk about anxiety, self help and other inspirational topics. For example, their song "Ver El Fin" (See the Ending) starts with these lyrics: "I have to approach hate as an enemy".

As an example of Lucybell's quality, we were unfortunate enough to have to put up with the most unimaginative group from Spain called R*bledos as their opening act. I'm putting the star there instead of the letter o in order to not give them free promotion. A band like R*bledos just shows how backward rock music has become in Spain compared to other countries including latin american countries. And I am a Spaniard. The problem is clear: Zero imagination. Zero. Because of irresponsible radio stations in Spain like Cuarenta Criminales and also Radio 3 and its ridiculous Jesus Ordo-pajero the idea of music in Spain has become "Alcohol-fun" music. Music simply to drink and party and rock and roll a bit, but with ZERO imagination.

What a huge difference when a first class band like Lucybell hit the stage. One goes from stupid alcohol driven rock and roll to hypnotized stage with a band like Lucybell.

Lucybell who's first album is from 1995 started by taking the best of the early 90's rock grunge sound, name it My Bloody Valentine and other shoegazing bands to Smashing PUmpkins and other 90s punk bands. Except Lucybell created their own style from it with more punching vocals and drumming edge and a better and more ample use of intimate landscapes and with a very powerful, almost funk, bass and drum section.

Below Video of Lucybell in Madrid 18 September 2010 :

Another Video : Ver El Fin ( See the ending) Madrid 18 September 18 Septiembre 2010

Lucybell en Concierto en Madrid
‎***Informacion importante para el concierto el 18 de Septiembre en Madrid***

La entrada se compra en el mismo parque.
Esta te da derecho, ademas del show, a las atracciones e ir a la zona de celebración chilena donde hay stands de comida y bebida tipica.

El show es a las 19:30 aprox....

Parque de Atracciones

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