Video Location Scouting for the clip of my song Atish Bezanesh (Bailatela)

Video Location Scouting in Madrid for the clip of my song Atish Bezanesh (Bailatela)

For couple of days now, I have been trying to figure out how to approach the video for my upcoming song آتیش بزنش Atish Bezanesh (Bailatela).

There are two possible ways to do the video. One option is to give it to someone else who has done other videos. The other option is to do it myself hiring the necessary people, such as, the Camera Operator, etc.

I'll talk about that a bit later.

Today I was location scouting for the video. I got out on the street taking pictures of possible locations. The key is that the place has to look very "Spain" . It also has to meet some other technical details, like, few people walking around, large enough space in front, etc..

location consulting Madrid

One common theme in Madrid: It is hard to find a nice monument that is not under construction, or covered up in graffiti. Madrid, the city that is always under construction and can never be enjoyed, thanks to Mr.Vampire, our mayor.

While deciding things for the video of my song Atish Bezanesh, I had to watch some videos. Some videos had to be watched in order to evaluate the camera to be used. Other videos had to be watched in order to evaluate the director of Photography. Other videos had to be watched in order to see what could work for the Persian Diaspora. So this week, I watched the most bizarre clips you can imagine: Korean pop, sexist Persian clips, Catalan female Rap -kid you not!!!!--, and worst of all: An Argentinian Christian music clip which features in most absolute detail the murder of Jesus Christ, with blood and all. See image bellow.

It is challenging working on the video because there are many people involved and when one is responsive, you can't get a hold of the other person and so on.

Finding people is hard. For example, sometimes you might find someone who has great skills with an amazing resume, but they cannot type a proper email.

One option as I said was to give the video to someone else to make. But this option is not working out. You have people wanting to charge a lot, but their demo reel is very poor quality and I know I can do a better job on my own. Then you have directors that are not in Madrid, which would raise the expense a lot due to travel. Then you have directors with potential that cannot write or communicate properly and are a bit rude. For example, a 24 year old with Andalusian accent started his reply to my request for an estimate with these words: "!!!Que Fuerte!! Mira tio..". The guy is really amazing for a 24 year old, but his verbal and written communications are a different story.

Then I had the much more successful and amazing director and illustrator Garbi KW trackback taking time to respond very nicely to my questions with full detailed explanations and all in the most polite and considerate manner. You are more likely to be successful being polite. Anyway Garbi KW said he is already booked and also there are stylistic issues with his style that wouldn't be a good match for my project right now.

Below, still image from Garbi KW video for Lemon Fly:

garbi kw

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