Sony Ericsson NEO mt15i Problem Windows XP access to memory card

Sony Ericsson NEO mt15i Problem Windows XP access to memory card

sony ericsson xperia neo mt15i

I had a problem where when connecting my Sony Ericsson NEO mt15i mobile phone to my Windows XP computer using the USB chord, I was not able to browse the phones memory or storage or memory card .

Instead in my PC - myPC - I would get a logo of a camera with MT15i written under it.

I contacted Ericsson and the y solved the problem. Read their answer under the large picture:

Troubleshooting Answer Solution:

Dear Dario,

Thank you for contacting the Sony Ericsson support centre.

Regarding connecting your Sony Ericsson Neo to transfer media files.

We would suggest that you change the settings within your handset so you will connect your handset to your PC in Mass Storage mode. Please follow the steps below to do this:

1. Open the Menu

2. Select Settings > Sony Ericsson

3. Select Connectivity
4. Tap on USB Connection Mode
5. Tick 'Mass Storage Mode'

If you then connect your Sony Ericsson handset to your PC you will need to mount the cable, once connected please follow the below steps:

1. Pull down the status bar
2. Select 'Connect Phone Memory Card'
3. Tap again on 'Connect Phone Memory Card'

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