The Puglia Experience : South Italy

The Puglia Experience : South Italy

I finally was able to visit Puglia Italy, though it all started very badly when my backpack containing absolutely everything was stolen in Madrid's Barajas airport, the day I was going to leave for Puglia.

Passport, Id's, credit cards, netbook, keys, camera, wallet, cash... everything was stolen. The police were of no use and wasted precious time taking a written report. Someone saw a guy in his 40's with beard and black shirt take my backpack, but he did it very slowly so the guy that saw it thought he might be a family member or something and didn't say anything. Then the police had his picture and said he was a regular and does it everyday. They take him to court and the judge releases him the next day because there was no bodily harm.

Everyone: Please put a password on your laptop and portable divice RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Now on to Puglia. It is like the Italian equivalent to Andalucia in Spain.

Here are some pictures.

Above: : The city of Matera famous for its Sassi or Sasi Caves. Puglia is like the equivalent of Andalucia in Spain. Or so the italians say. When you try to book a hotel via internet they want to charge a heavy price ... but there are Bread and Breakfast run by older ladies that are not on the internet and are cheaper like one on San Rocco street right in the middle of the Sasso Barisano. The hotel owner is Teresa and her number 0835 33 6484 . Tell her Dario di Spagna sent you. Have google translate at hand when calling.

Lecce Italy night

Above: This picture is in Lecce Italy in Puglia.

Above: This picture is in Lecce Italy in Puglia. Here I had a problem with the Bread and Breakfast I had reserved. The guy had rented out my room to someone else because of a confusing SMS I sent when I got robbed. So far I totally understand. But dispite now having someone for the room the guy wanted to call the reservation agency so they would charge my card as no show anyway!!!! Lecce was very nice though very very busy with toursits.


Above: Alberobello. While I was there, they were filming a Bollywood Indian movie called Due Pitibi or Dui Pitibi meaning Two Worlds ...

Above: Above is Alberobello or Alberobelo or Arbelobello or Arbgelobelo home of the Trulli . Very intersting and nice. The only thing is that there are not many busses or trains out of town. I almost lost my train because the station man told me the train would be in ritardo but actually the train came on time.

Above: Above is Bari which is a bit of a mess and looks a bit poor. It is OK place but a bit dangerous. They shot dead a store owner right in front of my hotel as I was checking in. Lots of people sleeping in parks from Germany to Bangladesh to Georgia. Also people that seam to have come with boats. But the most dangerous of all are the hotel owners. The guy charges me 60 Euros which is more than I would pay in Stockholm, then he says: No colazzione / No breakfast on top of that!!!

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